Gas cylinder head reconditioners

While being very valuable, polluted fuel gases such as biogas and gas reclaimed from landfill sites can wreak havoc with the engines.

Weir Street can recondition the cylinder heads from these expensive engines to OEM specifications, improving their efficiency and profits.

The cost of reconditioning is a fraction of the cost of a new cylinder head, and the reconditioned engine has just as long a working time-frame as as a new one.

Gas engine overhaul services

Engine overhaul begins with stripping down and inspection. The engines then undergo:

  • Cleaning, blasting and inspection
  • Pressure testing
  • Machining of valve seats
  • Skimming cylinder head surface
  • New parts fitted

In addition to our knowledge and experience in engine overhaul, repair and rebuilding, we understand our client's need to minimize downtime and ensure maximum lifespan from each unit.

We have a good stock of genuine parts for Jenbacher, MAN, and Caterpillar engines.

Alternative gas engine valves

We work closely with for alternative replacement valves, and can fit their parts if you prefer.


We overhaul engines powered by:

  • Digester gas
  • Landfill gas
  • Mine gas
  • Natural gas

jenbacher gas engine block

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